• Sep 25th 2020

Today it was announced that Swansea will be going into lockdown this coming Sunday. There are no additional restrictions on meeting for worship (see https://gov.wales/swansea-council-area-lockdown-frequently-asked-questions#section-51403), so we intend to continue meeting at the premises on Sunday mornings – for the timebeing.

We will continue to stagger arrivals, enforce temperature checks, hand sanitisation, and distancing whilst inside the premises. We can assure you that the church officers are doing all they can to make the church a safe place, and reviewing the situation regularly.

Given the increasing risk posed by the virus in the city, there are those that should remain at home, or those that may wish to, due to family, work, or health reasons. We completely understand this, and wouldn’t want anyone to come out against their conscience. The services will continue to be streamed from the church so that anyone can join in, and if, in due course we are prevented from meeting at all, the services will simply continue fully online.

Visiting, or staying home

If you have previously been to the services, but decide to remain home going forward, please let us know, as it will help with seating arrangements. If you’ve not been before, but would like to, simliarly, let us know so that we can make sure we have a space for you. Thank you.


When you visit the premises, we will have sign-in posters up near the entrance for you to scan with the new NHS COVID-19 app, in order to “sign in”. There will be a poster on each side of the entrance to the church, by each queue for entering the building.

The app can be downloaded from the Android and Apple play stores, if you have a compatible phone.

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