Update January 1st 2022

Firstly, we’d like to pass on our hope that you have a happy and blessed new year in 2022!

Secondly, we have some further additions to our December update (see below) that will apply to our services over the coming weeks (until further notice):

  • There will be no Sunday School during the morning service until further notice. Worksheets will be provided for Sunday School children to fill in – either in the pews with their parents or upstairs in the young peoples’ rooms (where the service may be watched on the television);
  • Refreshments after the evening service will cease;
  • We will revert to using the packaged communion bread and wine to avoid having to distribute them during the service in person (you may bring your own bread if you prefer);
  • The ladies’ meeting is likely to resume from the 11th on Zoom only as it won’t be possible to social-distance in their current meeting room.
  • This year’s “week of prayer” meetings will be on Zoom only.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.