During their teenage years, many people from our church and others in the locality benefited from the youth rallies that were held on the last Friday of every month. These meetings took place at various evangelical churches in the Swansea and Port Talbot areas. They served two purposes – for teenagers to meet together and make new friends and for them to be challenged by the gospel. During the mid-late 90’s these meetings came to an end, but started up again in 2010, albeit 1/2 termly instead of monthly.

Friday Fusion is being hosted by churches from the Swansea cluster of AECW. It is aimed at pupils in comprehensive school and up to 6th form college. The intention is to supplement the Swansea YL group and to encourage those in Year 10 and above to join with them on Saturday nights. Friday Fusion takes on a less formal format than previously, with the introduction of games and ice breakers. However, the purpose of the meeting has not changed, to introduce teenagers to the Gospel and familiarise them with aspects of a formal church service i.e. prayer, bible reading, song and teaching.

We trust that through Friday Fusion, many teenagers will come to find the best friend they could ever have, the Lord Jesus Christ.
If you would like to hear more about these meetings, please email Lanny at fridayfusion@ebenezer.org.uk

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