Coronavirus / COVID-19

This page provides an overview of Ebenezer Baptist Church’s response to the Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic challenges from March 2020.

All Sunday services will continue to be streamed online via our YouTube channel: If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Update 13th Nov 2020:

Resuming at the building

As Wales leaves the Firebreak lockdown, we will resume meeting at the premises on Sunday morning, 15th November at 11am. Please can you all contact us (specifically, Lanny) if you intend to attend as it’s been a few weeks since the last service.

When attending, please follow our guidelines. We will be staggering arrivals, using both entrances at the front of the church; checking your temperature and asking you to hand sanitize on the way in. You should also check in using the NHS test and trace app with the posters in the entrance. You will be given a designated seat. Please note that this may be different from last time you visited.

The service will be broadcast live on YouTube at the address above, and other meetings in the week will continue online in various ways, including the newly restarted Men’s meeting.

Please continue to keep in touch with each other; call, or send messages and encouragements. Continue to pray for one another and for our church, city, country, and government. To that end, join us on Wednesday after the bible-study for our Zoom-based prayer times when we seek the Lord together. They have been times of blessing and we would encourage all our members and friends to join us (contact us for one of the meeting links).


Update 19th Oct 2020:

“Firebreak” Restrictions

Today it was announced that Wales as a whole will be going into a “Firebreak” this Friday at 6pm for 17 days (see Welsh Government information). It is stipulated that places of worship must close, in terms of regular services on the premises.

Therefore, our Sunday services will be fully online for the next 3 Sundays: 25th October, 1st & 8th November. Please do not come to the church building on those Sundays! Instead, watch the services wherever you are via our YouTube channel:

Other organised activities you can join in with are:

  • Tuesdays @ 2:30pm, Ladies’ meeting via Zoom,
  • Wednesdays @ 7:30, Bible Study on YouTube,
    followed by prayer groups on Zoom @ 8pm*,
  • Fridays – children and youth work on YouTube and Zoom.

In the light of recent messages, at this time of uncertainty we should remember that despite being physically apart, we are all part of the same fellowship; the church; the body of Christ. Although things may be difficult, let us endeavour to keep in contact with and encourage one another over the coming days. Practically speaking; send someone a message; do a video call; talk to, and pray for one another. As the lockdown measures increase, may we be imaginative in how we support one another!

NB. The November members’ meeting will still take place on 9th November @ 7:30pm via Zoom (member packs to be distributed via email).

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

* Send us a message to request a Zoom meeting link.


Update 25th Sept 2020:


Today it was announced that Swansea will be going into lockdown this coming Sunday. There are no additional restrictions on meeting for worship (see, so we intend to continue meeting at the premises on Sunday mornings – for the timebeing.

We will continue to stagger arrivals, enforce temperature checks, hand sanitisation, and distancing whilst inside the premises. We can assure you that the church officers are doing all they can to make the church a safe place, and reviewing the situation regularly.

Given the increasing risk posed by the virus in the city, there are those that should remain at home, or those that may wish to, due to family, work, or health reasons. We completely understand this, and wouldn’t want anyone to come out against their conscience. The services will continue to be streamed from the church so that anyone can join in, and if, in due course we are prevented from meeting at all, the services will simply continue fully online.

Visiting, or staying home

If you have previously been to the services, but decide to remain home going forward, please let us know, as it will help with seating arrangements. If you’ve not been before, but would like to, simliarly, let us know so that we can make sure we have a space for you. Thank you.


When you visit the premises, we will have sign-in posters up near the entrance for you to scan with the new NHS COVID-19 app, in order to “sign in”. There will be a poster on each side of the entrance to the church, by each queue for entering the building.

The app can be downloaded from the Android and Apple play stores, if you have a compatible phone.


Update 6th Sept 2020:

Services have now resumed in the mornings at the church building. Just a reminder to please let us know if you intend to come along, as the church is starting to fill up – in terms of the numbers permitted from a social-distancing point of view. We are continuing to fine-tune the service streaming and apologise for the sound issues this morning.

The Friday evening young people’s groups will continue to meet online for the timebeing, across YouTube and Zoom.

The Ladies’ meeting will continue to meet on Zoom.

The Prayer Meeting/Bible Study will continue to be held on YouTube, followed by groups on Zoom.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to let us know.


Update 23rd August 2020:

Our thanks go to those who have joined us at the church the last two Sunday mornings. We have endeavoured to make the church a safe place – but not uncomfortable – and so we hope you enjoyed fellowshipping in person again! We also hope that those of you shielding or remaining at home have been able to feel a part of the services.

NB. The services remain on YouTube for re-watching.

Just to confirm the officers’ are continuing to look at other aspects of church life and hope to provide further updates soon!

Please note that the service on the 30th August WILL NOT be taking place at the church building; just online via our YouTube channel.


Update 13th August 2020:

Return to church
As announced, it is the intention of the church to resume meeting together on Sunday mornings at the building from the 16th August (for those able to do so, in the light of Welsh Government regulations).

To help explain how this will work, we’ve prepared a video outlining some of the procedures regarding your arrival at the building:

The 6pm evening services will not be held at he church building; they will continue to be streamed on our YouTube channel.

The morning service on the 30th August will also be online only for logistical reasons.

The following points elaborate on these procedures, and are subject to change:

Before you arrive:

  • Whether you’re a regular, or new to the church, where possible, please let us know if you intend to come so that we can allocate seating, so as to best fit everyone in.
  • Welsh Government regulations recommend shielding for those over 70, or with particular health conditions. Please consider these seriously before deciding whether to attend the services. The services will continue to be streamed on YouTube. There will be those who continue to watch from home for a variety of reasons.
  • Please bring your own bible as we are prevented from having shared books during the service.
  • We recommend the use of masks when attending the service. Please bring your own; the church has a limited supply in case you forget.

Upon arrival:

  • Please arrive at church a little earlier than normal, as the queuing and entry process may take a few minutes, depending on how many arrive at the same time (remember to bring an umbrella if the weather is poor).
  • A steward will direct you to one of the two doors at the front of the church, depending on your seating number and which side of the church you will be on. We should have space for those who arrive unannounced too, but please bear in mind that spaces are limited due to the social-distancing regulations, and so it’s possible the church may fill up in which case you will be asked to watch the service online from elsewhere.
  • Once inside, hand sanitiser should be used; provided by the church, but you may also bring and use your own.
  • Your temperature will then be taken by stewards using temperature guns. If your temperature reading is high, unfortunately you will be asked to return home.
  • Stewards will make a note on our track and trace sheets of attendees. Those in our address book will simply be checked off; visitors will need to provide their contact details. The regulations require this, should someone at the service fall ill and others need to be contacted.
  • You will then be shown to your seat by another steward. This will be your seating area to use for subsequent services unless told otherwise.
  • Please bear with us! We expect these processes to speed up over time, as people become familiar with the processes, and where their seats are.

During the service:

  • The main hall will be the only part of the church open. Therefore, the only toilet available is the disabled toilet in the foyer, fully equipped with cleaning materials such as wipes and hand-sanitisers. The toilet will also hold a baby-changing table.
  • Unfortunately, at this point the crèche and Sunday schools will not be running.
  • Parents bringing children who may require materials during the service should bring them from home.
  • We intend to continue steaming the services on our YouTube channel.
  • The service will contain most of the usual elements, but unfortunately use of the organ is not permitted under the regulations; nor singing (we may play back songs or hymns as part of the service through the system).

After the service:

  • Please remain in your seats; the stewards will guide you out of the church, in order.
  • Please refrain from talking to people until outside.
  • Unfortunately we won’t be serving tea and coffee after the service at the time-being.


Update April 2020:

Response to the threat of Coronavirus/COVID-19
Sadly, in the light of the current situation, and government advice as of 16/3/2020 to not gather together, all our regular meetings at the church have been suspended. However several have moved online:

Sunday Services: These are delivered via YouTube on Sundays at 11am and 6pm via: (our channel on YouTube)

Wednesday Meetings: These are currently being delivered by mixture of YouTube (for the study) and video-conferencing in smaller groups for the time of prayer.
NB. For security reasons, access to the video-conferencing aspect is by invitation-only. Please send your email onto Dave Evans. If you know of someone without internet access who would like to participate, please contact us and let us know, as we do have provision for dialling in by phone (call-rates may apply).

Other meetings are being held across video-conferencing or group chats as appropriate. For specific details, contact us.

Please check back here periodically for updates, or via our Facebook page. We are also aiming to keep members/attendees updated via SMS. Please contact us if you have any questions about the arrangements.


Our weekly activities are running a little different to normal.

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Since March 2020, we have been streaming our Sunday services and Bible-studies online via YouTube. Watch live or re-watch from the archive.

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