Since the various measures have been imposed in the light of the Coronovirus/COVID-19 pandemic, many of our services have moved online. Although we will endeavour to keep recordings up to date, the main church meetings will be delivered via YouTube, and a combination of video-conferencing technologies.

Our YouTube channel:
NB. Just to note, once service steams have finished, they require processing by YouTube before they can move from ‘Past Live Streams’ into the main Videos area. What is shown may be determined by a filter, which is sometimes pre-selected to only show Videos, so you may not see the recent live streams. If you change this filter to show all, you should see the listings.

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Standing for God in a hostile environment
Daniel 1:1-21 (Part of the Ebenezer Sermons 2012 series).
Preached by Graham John on August 26, 2012 (Sunday Morning).
Delayed prayer and spiritual opposition
Daniel 10:1-21 (Part of the Ebenezer Sermons 2010 series).
Preached by Graham John on February 28, 2010 (Sunday Evening).
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